Yesterday i participated in a local trade show in Waldheim at the Jubilee Centre where some 20 plus businesses brought their products to display and sell.

We prepared samples of our farmer sausage and ribs for people to try. Thankyou to all those from our local and neighboring communities who stopped by our table to chat and taste and enter the draw. We have been in business for 8 years and I was surprised by how many local people I was meeting for the first time, and how many hadn’t yet heard of Carmen Corner Meats till now. There certainly is room to expand in the local area.

Congrats also to the 3 lucky winners of the ribs and sausage.

On February 3rd Louella and I participated in a food forum which was a joint effort of the Rosthern Library and Station Arts Centre. The event was planned to raise an awareness of local food production and the connection to the consumer.
Guest speaker for the evening was Amy Jo Ehmen (author of Prairie Feast) who shared her quest to eat locally produced food for an entire year together with her husband. Her talk was inspiring to all who attended.
Some local producers were also asked to share some of their experiences of local food production. These producers included Joel and Heather Ens (pepper people) Phillip and Kristin Harder CSA (Community Shared Agriculture), Dale Neufeld (bee and honey producer), Kalissa Regier (Hestia organic farm) and Louella and Don Friesen (Carmen Corner Meats).
The event was very well attended and an educational and informative evening. The evening concluded with guests viewing displays, continued discussions, and all of us enjoying an amazing berry cobler prepared and served by Joan Yoder and staff.
Thanks again to the Rosthern Library and Station Arts Centre for Hosting the evening and for all those who chose to be there.

Just a couple of days ago our son Justin who lives and works in NYC met up with Lisa Mumm, who is a part of her families’ seed sprouting business, Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds. They are located near Shellbrook SK (1 hour north of us) and have been buying our certified Organic Alfalfa for aprox. 20 yrs!

Anyway Lisa was in NYC attending the “Occupy Food” on Wall street this past week. She is representing Canada, protesting against Monsanto and their persistence to introduce GMO seed to the Alfalfa & Wheat crops! (They have already successfully added GMO to Corn, Canola, Soya Beans.)

We are very thankful she could be there to represent us and many, many other farmers and supporters of good clean food. Thank you Lisa!! And also way to go Justin for being there too!


Well we have a title now for our first blog entry!

Aptly describing the neccessary function that preceeds all the pkged (or not pkged:) products that you see on our wonderful product link. Take a look if you haven’t already!

More blogging to come  – soon!